This site is hosted by It has been hosted here since August 2005. My only annoyances thus far are their 2000 emails/address limit, their email accounts are hard to log in to (must remember a hash like m12345), and the shared accounts do not support anonymous CVS or SVN. They do have a large variety of CGI programming options, and you can SSH into your account and install custom programs on the shared accounts. For shared hosting, they may regulate you to about 30-40 CPU minutes per day (my server appears to have 80 users on it; right now, the load average is 2.43, 2.89, 2.90).

Coupon offer: If you want to sign up, use the promo code "robotmadness" to get $50 off a monthly plan (negates the setup fee) or $90 off an annual plan. (This offer is good at least until 1-1-2006) Feel free to email webmaster at tentpost dot com if you have any questions for me about their service.

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