Check out this cool material: shapelock
"News" sites:
The New York Times A good general source of news. Requires registration (or check out
BBC News News from the other side of the pond.
Slashdot "News for nerds: stuff that matters" Well, not often important, but this site is a touchstone for certain issues. Interesting stories cross this page just enough to keep you addicted.
Kuro5hin Pronounced like currosion, this site was created to be a more intellectual Slashdot. Perhaps proving that most "netizens" are indeed of average intelligence, this site is nearly a ghost town. Good stories are hard to write.
Plastic Yet another news discussion site. Often rabidly liberal, but still interesting.
Ars Technica Technical news. Mostly useful for their electronics and computer hardware articles and reviews.

Useful email site:
Sometimes a website requires "registration". Sometimes you can't trust them not to spam you. Spamgourmet provides the solution. Register your real email address (e.g. once at Spamgourmet (they are trustable, non-commercial folks). Then register at other sites using Spamgourmet emails. For example, you could register at using This way, you don't reveal your real email address, and you can easily have Spamgourmet disable the address if it starts receiving spam.
What a feast!
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